Everything's Love – Questionmark Asylum
Genre Rap

Everything's Love

Verse 1
Ever since back in the days things changed
We got a record deal now things rearrange
Rearrange how true
Cause everything I wear is design
I sit back in my leather seats pop in my tape and recline
Baby is pumping in my system
Love we getting jiggy by the way my name is Digge
The Mistafiss be I
I'm fly
You try
Denied to me but tonight I'll be the one who keeps on passing you by
Step into my sec give me a second or two
Give me your number
Here's my number in case ya wonder
You know I'm living large, check me out
I'm chill
I guess you didn't know that I'm that Bamma from the Ville
[I thought she knew
No she didn't
So let's forget the kitten
No time to stumble all over a line that's already been bitten
Man forget it
I guess she wasn't down with the Q
So then we swing to another scene to start the rendezvous

Hook] {x4

Everything is love

[Verse 2

We stepped outside
Chilling with this groupie type chick
With lots of gold, resembling my man Slick Rick
Where you at? Right [over here
Where ya been? Right [here I come
Where you at? Right [over here
Tell me how it is right

I slap palms with Digge Doms
Disarming the alarm
Mistafiss is in bliss within the cellular phone
See, I'ma swing by tell Ding I'll maybe even bring my
Black custom made double deuce slang cruiser
Who makes the moola?
Stoned in a trance like a glace from Medusa
Through the rear view paranoia got me peaking
Smoke like Uncle Ben for no reason
Never shall I wonder, never shall I need
Caught up in the game while I'm trying to succeed
video, now the whole city know
Everything's love
Yo it's the poor in swole
Dollars I fold
I'm in front of your building let's be ready to roll
Ayo my man who's ready to scoop me in the black Land'
Is you foul boy?
But no
See everything's love
But not so fast cuz
Not until I get myself to finish the job
Then peace to the 8 Square Mob and yo we outtie
Rosta bust a U and head straight for the fucking party

Everything's love

Verse 3

Now back to the party
[Everybody's having a ball
Love from wall to wall
[How we macking 'em all
Hey DJ put us on display
While I'm freaking on love every which way
Now you're sweating our gear and ah sweating our grammar
Now-a-days everyone they wants to be a bammer
Now Fee is our manager cause Cat Mandu
He hit me on the hip about a gig in Honolulu



Niggas you's tripping. You know what I'm saying, this party is weak. Hahaha. You know what I'm saying? Nigga like me gots to be worldwide. You know, money in my pocket, trying to rocket. Niggas is trying to flow. Let's go. Take us to the airport

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