Ethan Torrance – Loch Ness
Genre Rap

Loch Ness

My lyrics so clean but my room is messy
You cannot see me through a camera lens
Too fast whipping in the Benz
Will I attack
It all depends
Content I don't need more friends
Ripping outta my clothes causing some damage
Like Mr Incredible ripping the spandex
I'm known to get angry and break necks
Who's up next drown you in my bathwater
It's Loch Ness I'll kidnap your daughter
Enemies cannon fodder
Cuddly but I attack like an otter
My resume says I slaughter caught her shot her then I ate a whopper

I'm a monster like Loch Nеss
I devour beats like it's brеakfast
Making waves every way not splashes
Mythical legend yes I'm the captain

Weight heavy chain heavy I cum Fetti
Cum long like spaghetti
Had to try a melody already
Rapping wit my shirt off I get sweaty
Posted up in Toronto Highlands
Ripping the mic and breaking some hymens
It's a Monsoon Season
I stay in the lake
Bout to get bigger than Nessie it ain't no hoax bitch it ain’t no prank
You is all Papa Docs bars make you choke
Roaming the field you know I'll be a goat
Sweeney Todd I rap cutthroat
This my kingdom so get off the moat
You just watch the throne while I sit on the top and I gloat
I am the villain who just overthrew the king
Platinum and gold soon I'm gonna buy the ring
You looking a little disheveled
I might hit you with the shovel
I might just pop up outta nowhere
Have you screaming where'd he go?
He's over there
By then I'm back underwater
Living my life as a monster
I said I'm a mo fucking monster

I'm a monster like Loch Ness
I devour beats like it's breakfast
Making waves every way not splashes
Mythical legend yes I'm the captain

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