Epic rap battle parodies – Steve vs Joe
Genre Rap

Joe Burns:
Oh no, I'm scared, we got this guy Stevie

Getting ready to harm us with his elementary

Nobody wants to touch your handy dandy notebook

Sit down in your thinking chair and think unlike a crook

Stop smoking hardcore shrooms, you can’t jump through walls
I mean Jesus Christ, why the hell do you trip balls?!

Don't drop the Slippery Soap, you'll bend down and repel

I’ll meet you in the bathroom, and give you my Joe and Tell

I'm sitting here thinking why the hell are you here?

Green striped shirt? Ha...you look like a queer

I feel bad for you, blue paint is always on the carpet

I'll kick you out the DOE, like it was a Sparta kick

Okay, big brother, get out of this TV Show

I'm the host now, bitch, I'll let you clean the floors

Steve Burns:
We just got a letter, I wonder who it's from

It's probably from that studio telling you that your run is done

Sit on my thinking chair and grab my handy dandy notebook

I'm surprised you even have a wife, judging by your looks
Let’s all go and find "Blue’s Clues"

Here's a clue, your hairstyle makes you look like a jew

They replaced me with you because they felt bad

Little kids seeing you host makes them sad

Joe Burns:
You did not even think about going that far

I’m sure in twenty years, you'll be drunk at the bar

I mean, Jesus Christ, you look like a thug now

I saw Magenta with Blue... *boom-ka pow*

You made an album called Songs for Dustmites? Lol!

Sounds like a twelve year old's words after smoking a bowl

100 shows? God DAYUM, that's like a world record

Sit down on that thinking chair, let me give you a lecture

Big bro, okay, you were a good host
But unfortunatley, i’m the one that kids like the most

That's a bunch of bullshit, biggest lie ever

A time kids bitched about me? Probably never

Fine, you win, you're a much better host, bro

Doesn't change the fact that you look like a hobo

You look like a freaking guy that's done hardcore drugs

I talked to Sasha last night, I rocked her jugs...

Steve Burns:
Oh well little hoe, I want you go back to talking to a table

I'll add it to the list of "Joe's non- Fascinating Fables"

Nobody even likes you, they bitch about you, rotten teeth

They like..Pimp STEVE, and bro I think you'd better leave

Tell that bitch Magenta that Blue will come back and hunt her

Oh wait, I take that back, I'm gonna, cut her

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