Entry – Chief Keef
Genre Rap



Sosa baby

Verse 1

Pulling up in foreign cars in the entry
We pull up Cats, you don't see the hemis
Young nigga eatting good, how he so skinny?
Don't talk about pipes, we got plenty
Bitch we was the youngest niggas up in the city
With a lil bitch she so sadity
I was with them bad boys, I felt like Diddy
Now I pull up, Ferrari, Bentley
If you looking for my jewelry I keeps it with me

Verse 2

I just slid down on em, they looking shity
How she having all that ass and she so skinny?
All these white clouds of smoke this shit smell pissy
I gotta gift and I'm gonna send that bitch down your chimney
Bitch they know Chief Sosa putting that work in
Everytime I hit the block, the police be lurking
The diamonds on my wrist be foot working
Tell Madea she was right cuz they ain't no nerd in
My chain got your bitch just stuck, flirting
Boy I ain't the Lord I ain't having mercy
November stuff his ass like a turkey
And I'm sharp as a bitch I can scratch the surface
Sign my name on her titties in cursive
And I had her on her knees like that man that she worship
And I'm sharper than the man that be running them churches
I'll have my shawty pop your bitch ass like a perky
They love Sosa, got them semis
Steady pressing the red button cuz bitch i'm busy
Here to kill or fuck his wife that bitch not risky
At the hotel I clap that shit like Missy
Play gangster, went to jail that bitch turn sissy
Make his ass drink a bullet he taste like whiskey
My lil cousin so fried, that bitch so crispy
But he play with lil cousin that bitch make history

Verse 3

Barbecue that semi, riding fast swerving in that new Bentley
Talking bout cars, we got plenty
And i'm hoppin in the Rari but i'm wearing skinnys
I can fit a 30 clip in my skinnys
I'll hit fat boy with it and make him skinny
I had bitches way back when I smoked them skimpys
Put a bullet in your heart and make that bitch empty
And the way this bitch spit, this the illest MC
Smack a nigga bodyguard, I feel like Nipsey
I just told a bitch peace, It's like a hippy
And I had to bring my pipe, cuz shit sound iffy
I'll break a nigga balls, believe it like Ripley's
I'll stick a pussy nigga like botox lips be
I'll smoke a nigga took date to mine this week
So If you don't wanna get popped, don't come near me

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