Enrichment – Give Thanks
Genre Rap

Give Thanks

New day
What up Jersey
Let's get into it man

You’re now tuned in to one of the best you never heard
Clever with every word, address 'em like Gettysburg
I'm guessing you’ve yet to learn I'm better on many terms
Producer slash emcee, brutal as Jack Dempsey
My glass never half empty
In good health, so far as wealth, I have plenty
Others view it based on thе cash that they have ready
Though you can't purchasе no class if you don't have any
But I digress, quarterly payments to IRS
Attention's a drug and every time I scroll through the phone I see the side effects
The past 365 for me has been a giant mess
But in trying times, those are the times to try your best
Still recovering from a crash that almost cost my life
Been to war with inner struggles and almost lost the fight
There's much more to it, I'm only scratching the surface
If you're hearing this right now, I thank you for your purchase

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