Enrichment – Fantasy World
Genre Rap

Fantasy World


Man, what you got going on, cuz?
Oh you know what I mean
Oh you just walking 'round with racks like that?
Racks like that, man
How much money that is, man?
200, man, 200
You just pulling up with $200,000?
Like that, that's what I'm saying, I see you be popping on the Gram
Popping on the Gram, you seen this though, right?
Oh yeah, that sh** look clean, man, what's that? A .9?
Oh, yo, what's up man?


Verse 1

He posts a pic with his whip and got praise and amazement
But what the people don't see is that he's late on the payments
Making folks jealous when he should be making arrangements
100k followers got him thinking he made it
To others he lives a life 'cause he stays on vacation
It's blatant, lifestyles of the famous and brainless
It don't take a wise man to еxclaim that he's hated
Moves rеcklessly, forever be stating his locations
They knowing where he stays at, the name of the ave
One night got confronted on the way to his pad
They told him give up the doe "where's the safe and the bag?"
He playing dumb, says it at another place that he has
He's only making it worse, now he's making 'em mad
They got a gun to his face and a blade to his abs
Beyond a scrape or a scab, left him laying there bad
They done killed him over money that he ain't even have
It's sad


You married?
Do you want to be married?
Yes I do
Do you want children?
Yes I do
Do you think your husband will be a musician, an actor or an athlete?
Yes. What? I know for a fact. Mm hmm
Those are the kind of men I attract, I be around
My resume kind of speaks for itself

Verse 2

She said if you a broke boy, don't bother to holler
If you follow her lead, she only follows the dollar
She don't stand for much else if you follow her posture
Thinking she's too fly, I'm thinking she's gotta be swattered
Guys in her comments like wow, you hotter than lava
Let's skip the looks and let's get to the drama with mama
What I'm 'bout to divulge with this primadonna's a shocker
The last convo and the news she got from her doctor
There's a reason she been losing some pounds on her figure
And there's a reason for the pain surrounding her liver
Not from recreational drugs or downing the liquor
It's from multiple men that's been in and out of the picture
All of her siblings used to be real proud of their sister
But she been speedy as a style on a album by Twista
Dudes still view her as a valuable spouse to consider
But Ms. Infallible's carrying the House In Virginia


We're living in a world of fantasy
We're living in a world of fantasy
We're living in a world of fantasy
Running from reality

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