Energy – ItsYaBoiH2
Genre Rap


Verse 1
I grew up in a place
It was cool to record pain
Always refrain
From ever being the same
Never complain
Just work harder
To obtain a name
State ya claim
Why you own this
Every opponent knows it
Even though they
Act so oblivious
It's only cause they envious
And really it should
Tickle ya pink
That they think
You have the answer
But you're not a private eye
Just a private guy
That attacks
The opposite sex
Like a panther
While they all pander
Plan to have ya slandered
You get sandwiched
And everybody
Wanna eat
When they see you
In the bread
But if they knew you
They'd all puke
Couldn't even stomach
All the thoughts
Running through ya head
Buncha beheaded bodies
At a party
Thats been dead
Since it started
So I got my helmet on
And i'm ready to get retarded
Cause you're lying through
Your garments
If you say I ain't the largest
But to everybody else
I'm a walking target for/
Energy-You can't match me or pass me
Even when I'm raspy
So don't ever tag me
Under another rapper [huh
Cause they all about to catch the
Energy [4x]

Verse 2
Now it's time for clarity
For all ya'll sharing these
White rappers with me
Like i'm really caring please
Full transparency
No way you're comparing these
Every beat I connect with
And live through vicariously
While spitting carelessly
Like Pac at the paparrazi
There's no way to ever stop me
I'm carrying animosity
Feed it every chance I get
Like a pet
So don't think I won't
Pull the battery
Out ya tomagotchi
Oops i'm up another notch he
Probably thought that he got me
But he got sloppy
Now i'm mopping the floor
With the top his noggin
Not welcoming nonsense
Unless it's me knocking
So i'm not sure who's been talking
To all you clones who
Thinking you can clone '2
I'm alone in my own zone
So soon as you say you king of my home
You can bet that i'll dethrone you
And in versing me
It turns to adversity
So when I disperse these verses
Inadvertently I own you
Waiting for the hearse to roll through
Let every shot leave you in shock
Open up the back and throw you
So you land
Where you're supposed to
And ride off
Like the battery dead
Flatten your head
Yeah you're screwed
No matter how sharp you get
You'll never touch me
With the lead
F your little threats
Only thing you'll ever be
Running here is scared
I'm the Pap of white rap
Never signed
Never cared
With a mind like a padded room
So finding a tomb's
The only way to get prepared for the/


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