EnderSpitsVenom – The Untold Truth
Genre Rap

The Untold Truth

They say life is something
That you should live for but
I don’t know anymore they
Say that this dread will get
Better with the weather it’s
A never ending Endeavour
I keep that knife in my leather
Jacket in case I wanna fucking
End my life because I don’t have
Belief in my music it was just last
Week that flimsy and spark told
Me not to quit they say you’ve
Worked so hard to improve dont
Throw this away but the pain just
Multiplys everyday so I just lay in
That coffin writing the lyrics until
They get deeper because grim
Reaper will show my life and why
I write depressing music to show
My thoughts while you haters hate
On it because there’s nothing better
For you to do oh wait wheres lulu
That version of me got killed in the
Heartbroken fire he was telling me
Was gonna die under a car tire in your
Arms and right now I know I’m a angel
In the clouds like the mood swings cover
Showed and I’m gonna keep this
Blade on me so you can’t cloud
My mind when I go into heaven
Maybe you and Satan can become
Friends with the devil Snapchat lens
Yeah become friends
With the devil Snapchat
Lens Because I Know That
My Demons Won’t Leave No
Matter What I Tell Myself Even
If I Tell Myself I Want You Back
I Will Still Be Here With The Pain
This Is The Untold Truth But Now
I’m Telling Everyone Before I Go
Insane Because Everytime I Think
Of You I Have My Head In My Hands
And That’s Like Daily Someone Help
Help Me Before I Go Crazy

I Just Wanna Live In The Fast Lane

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