Empty Sky – Gérard Presgurvic
Genre Pop

Empty Sky

Friar Lawrence

Dear God, dear God
What are you doing up there?
Have I been speaking to an empty sky?
If not, then tell me why

I gave my life to you; my faith had never been in doubt
The sins that pleasure man, I had learned to live without
Till now I believed that you were everywhere
But if the good still die then what's the sense in prayer?
We scream but you don't hear; we look to you in vain
If you really exist then why don't you explain?
Don't leave me now

Dear God, please, God
Forgive me if I fail you
I always thought that faith would keep me strong
I see now I was wrong

What good are sacred words, written in books as old as time?
The steps that are ahead of me may be too steep to climb
Can I still spread your word, can I still be your voice?
I thought my life was you, but I feel I have a choice
I go down on my knees, dear God, give me a sign
Tell me that all of this is in your grand design
Please don't leave me now
I comfort and I soothe the troubled and the weak
I give my people strength when everything looks bleak
With you inside of me, no wound could be too deep
But now I feel I'm lost; have I the right to weep?
I need your help right now; tell me what must be done
You are still my father, and I am still your son
Don't leave me now


Dear God, where are you hiding?
Dear God, speak to me
I need to know your plan
When will all this make sense to me?
I'm blind; make me see
Dear God of all men
Please shine your light my way
Give me some hope to face the day
I'm lost; all I can do is pray

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