Em Beihold – Shoot Her Down
Genre Pop

Shoot Her Down

Verse 1

I felt the blood drop from a thousand miles away
Time is ticking but it's never gonna stay
We're all stuck in our fantasies
We try to get out but we ain't got the keys no
I hear the town bomb always going off
Watch yourself 'cause I think it's gonna drop
I hear you knocking baby please
Welcome to hell my name's reality


Just shoot her down
Into the ground
She will never speak again
The doe with all the blooms and the antlers on her head
He's not dead

Verse 2

She opens her eyes with all her might
But your shadow's blocking the light
Maybe you'd steer her in the right direction
But you ignore her, she’s not perfection
Why you still standing at the scene of the crime?
If you wanted to see her gone you better wait in line


Just shoot me down
Won't try to shoot me down
But I'm rooted in the ground
You thought I'd be gone
But you're so wrong
Because I'm stronger now that I've been found
The doe with all the blooms and the antlers on her head
Seem to be dead

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