Elway – The Jetty
Genre Rock

The Jetty

The sun never sets, it just sinks slowly out of sight
With the thump in your chest forever anchored to the light
The prairie crack and dries, but you had wider eyes
To head west

The baggage of place, the frigid water in your veins
The stone in your face, carved to relief by interstates
The colors in this town are buried in the ground
So head west

Lay it forever down to rest
The curse that kept you from your dreaming
Let the insistent die their deaths
With no forwarding address
Live forever heading west
How the highway lines stretch their open arms around the lowland soil
How the satellites dart across the sky and fall to miss the earth

The bloom from the rose rots away on the roadside
The signal to noise gets thrown off-balance over time
Don’t linger in the sound of the ghosts that stuck around
Just head west

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