Elvis Perkins – Sing Sing
Genre Rock

Sing Sing

Thanks for the rain
The secret explosions
That start the day

Forget about the ocean I’ll
Forget about the waves
With a mind full of rain
A mind full of rain

Where were you born
What does your shirt say
Are you miles away
Are you miles away

From the paper skyscrapers
The stickfigured neighbors
The dead and the endangered in the sun

I pray to stand stand up straight
To stay on my feet
Get out of the street

Where are you bound
What does your sign say
Are you miles away
Arе you miles away
From the water photographеrs
The zombie biographers
The hollywood astrologers too

The license plate says
Sing for bread
For the life and for the dead
For the living and the dying
For the day you were born
And a day just like today
Happy half birthday
Happy half birthday

From the future archeologist
The broken cardiologist
The anesthesiologist in you

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