Ellysium Band – The Pact
Genre Rock

The Pact

The moon is full, sun doesn’t shine
And certain stars are straight aligned
The time has come to summon him
And to fulfil my secret dream

I am waiting below – deep down in Hell
I am ready to hear your magic spell
I want to come back and walk upon the Earth
Soon [the] time will come and I shall rebirth
And everything runs smooth, well done
I have prepared the pentagram
I’ve lit the candles, cast the spell
And there appeared Azazel

Just call my name and I will be there
Come to me closer and stare, if you dare
I know your secrets and dreams, your deepest desires
Your soul will burn [at the end] in the eternal fire

You are the demon with name Azazel
I’m in command and you are under my spell

You, silly boy, you don’t know what you’re doing
You’ve got one wish, so no more fooling

What is the price I have to pay?
And what will happen, in case you fail?

The price is fair – it is your soul
And if I fail, I will do back below
So, tell me now, what is your wish?
Is it money, do you want to be rich?
Is it the power to rule over the world?
Talk to me boy, but be careful now!

You want to know what my wish is!
I need no money, I don’t want to be rich!
I need no power, do you hear Azazel?
I just want back my Annabelle

I have the power to rule over the world
I’m in command in Hell and on Earth
There’s only one thing I cannot control
I have no power over Free will and Love

You’ve breached the Pact, so go back to Hell

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