Ellysium Band – Ellysium
Genre Rock


Far beyond the sunset
There is a wonderland
A place where fallen heroes
Will spend their afterlife

We’re off to start a journey
And fly above the stars
Don’t have to be so scared now
I’ll be your guiding light

There is Ellysium
So, take my hand we’re leaving
The world of mortal men
Just follow me, stay closer
We’ll step in magic realm

There’s never еnding laughter
It’s a joyful happy place
The sorrow is not allowеd here
So, wear your smiling face

This is Ellysium

Our journey is at the end
We have to go back now
You are young and have a lot of time
To live a decent life

And when the years have passed by
We’ll meet again once more
I will take you back to this place
Where you can spend your afterlife

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