Elliott Smith – Go By (Live 1999)
Genre Pop

Go By (Live 1999)

You waited a little while
Out where the sunset seeks
And a lady looking tired comes along
To take away your dreams
Cause she thought you might
Come by tonight
She thought some too
To hear the way you talk
Eyes trained to the clock

He lives up in his head
Scared of every little noise
Someones always breaking in accidentally
Using nothing but their voice
Well he walks alone
Extremely alarmed
Down your one-way
Across thе great divide
Wherе no two pasts collide

Go by
Go by
Go by
Go by

You won't come by tonight
But if you did, you'd only curse
All the things he'd have to say
To perform
The work that he's rehearsed
Like a happy song that he
Interpret wrong
You make him cry
It's how you're gonna win
Beginning at the end
Go by
Go by
Go by
Go by

Go by
Go by
Go by
Go by

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