Nesting lyrics

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June 8, 2023

Nesting lyrics

If there are any good ones left
Someone show me before i change my mind
Because at this point the only reason to keep you around
Is to pass the time

You tasted of russian standard
And a whore who was cheaper than me
So i cut your tongue out
Before i could
Wonder how fucking dense
Could one person possibly be

I know who i am
Sometimes you forget, don’t you?
Initial necklace round my collarbones
So you remember who the fuck you’re talking to

Choking on your own blood
Won't swallow it, can't brеathe
Pray to your god up above
That in hell you won't see mе

And if you do then
We were simply meant to be
And if you do then ill know
The blames not just on me
And if you do ill be glad
To see your face again
I have many
Youve seen it
And if you really wanted another girl

There were plenty inside me

Ella Maraschino – Nesting

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