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June 8, 2023

Ballerina? lyrics

I met a girl who danced ballet once
And i thought it was so rude
How her bones snapped in my face
The way she cried about it left much to be desired too

But at least her skin was pretty
As she choked on every sob
She had to make sure i knew she
Would die a work of art

Yeah at least she pulled off skinny
The jawline ever sharp
Poised and angled just so i
Would notice in the car to the hospital

And on the way there i thought
Hey why the hell did this girl want
To be a ballerina anyway?
Peeling still fresh skin from her feet
Every single day
If she couldn't manage?

I mean what is it really?

And in the waiting room i thought
And if she doesnt make it
We’re not missing much
But if you want my take
She was just so out of touch
Tried to, died to be perfect
But in the end
Was she even really?

Vivienne westwood, rosy cheeks
It's not about the dancing
Is it honey?
The biggest venues winter to winter
They fucked you up for months
Now you can be a winner!

Ella Maraschino – Ballerina?

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