Elias Niemietz – Not too crazy
Genre Rap

Not too crazy


You think my tracks are thrown out the window, I throw you out the window when you el- keep saying that lil' biatch
Okay, my beats are so involvement, involvement, the truth girls of states are involved in, blind
I get the back when I want to, I mean the toiletpapaperbag, not the bag with the cash in it
But when I get the bag with the cash in it, then I can buy toiletpaper with of bag with the cash in it, oh yeah!
When I got the bag with the cash in it, I can get the cash with the bag in it, okay


Yeah, the beat's going up, going, yеah going, ich komme!
I don't smoke, but I get high, ah! ah!
Ah, kaka, ah!
Boah еy, scheiße!
Im bleeding because of yo!
Not to crazy on this beat!


Oh mein Gott, fuck

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