Elias Niemietz – Autograph Interlude
Genre Rap

Autograph Interlude

VerseElias Niemietz

Everytime I make a song, it's on a diffrent level
I don't use this bumpy, bumpy ass trappy ass beats to get trough, to get my bag
Everytime I go supermarket, ask for the toiletpaper bag, okay
Let's go! [*claps*]

SkitAutograph, pleaseFan, [Elias Niemietz

Sorry there but...
Elias, can I please have a autogram, please?
You know, you the best rapper alive
Even right now I bump your music, please, please
It, it will be, it will be so great, okay?
[Man, okay of course I can make you an autograph, that's not the problem of thе today, the problem of today is, peoplе find dumb reasons for dumb reasons, like this gendering shit, okay?
Here's your autograph... here I hope you enjoy this, yeah
Oh my god, thank you, thank, you, uh, thank you, um, wha-
When does the new vinyl come out, I will buy it immediatly, okay?
I promise, uh, bye

OutroElias Niemietz

Maybe a vinyl comes out soon

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