Elevate & Motivate (Original Version) – Trippie Redd
Genre Rap

Elevate & Motivate (Original Version)

Feat. Famous Dex

IntroTrippie Redd

Yeah, yeah, ayy

Verse 1Trippie Redd

A pussy nigga ain't shit to me, uh
Pull up with them choppas, catch a victory, yeah
I think they mad, 'cause they bitch with me, uh
Pull up with them choppas and make history, yeah
The diamonds clean just like Listerine, uh
Run the gang 'til my toes blistering, uh
Where yo bitch? That's a mystery, uh
Shoot you down, put you out yo' misery, yeah
Yeah, all about my bag, uh
All about my racks, uh
All about my stacks, uh
All about my cash, uh
Gotta, yeah

Verse 2Famous Dex

Yeah, got up off my ass, got a big, yeah, had to go
Can't trust a thot, she a thot, she a silly ho

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