Chino Pacas lyrics
(Translation to English)

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Chino Pacas lyrics
(Translation to English)

Verse 1
Through the entire boulevard
With my homie Flaco speedin'
My flipflops on, my cap aside
Through the Zapata, Gordo brings the command
Throwing lines with Manny and el Caña
A la orden pa'l desorden, conectado
And my RT in Acapulco
And if there's trouble, I bury 'em
We're not here to be idle
I end up great
And a Glock that goes with me
Always ready for a spook

And let the bands keep coming
Yall's homie Chinito
Ain't nothing but Paso el Alto

Verse 2
And my homie Mario who has never let me down
Some sidewalk sessions, sometimеs drinking
And my homie Power and also el Mau
Thеy back me up, they've never let me down
And my homie Sapo, if there's problems, he jumps out
At your service, ready to throw some punches
And here, envy, honestly, doesn't exist
And why bother telling them if it ain't worth it
I am el Gordo, so you know where you stand
And on a bike I arrive in fifteen

And this one goes all the way to Acapulco
Pura mafia de la calle

El Gordo Trae El Mando – Chino Pacas (Translation to English)

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