Eight Years – Jameel3DN
Genre Rap

Eight Years

I done made it out the slums
I done got the cake from crumbs
Platinum spitting from my tongue
Now gold dripping from my gums
Selling CDs out the trunk
Grinding till that Millie come
Not a dolla not a hunna not a thou but millions

I been broke I been poor niggas said I wasn't shit
If I listen to them niggas than my life would not be lit
Cut them off when that doubt is the only thing they spit
Go suck yourself suck ya mom matter fact come suck this tip
Real friends Real fam there's not a dolla I won't give
On a mission for this mill on this grind I will not quit
I won't stop till all my niggas got a lambo for they whip
And a G-class in the driveway in the winter they can switch

Trust no hoe that's a fact
For these bitches I won't give
Not a dolla not a scent
Ain't no tricking on my dick
I been played I been dissеd
And that chick I will not miss
To my X girl
Special message
Fuck you yous a bitch

I wastеd eight years of my life
Worst eight years of my life
She took eight years of my life
Fucking eight years in my life

But I bounce back like Big Sean
I bounce back like a don
I bounce back now I'm a dog
Flipping hoes like they some pogs
Catching bodies this ain't cod
Kilt dat pussy line da chalk
See da pimp up in my walk
I run these bitches I don't jog
See these hoes like a hog
Touch no swine that's on god
A nine to five fuck a job
Money Rooted that's the squad
For a mill I asked the lawd
So I could stunt like a boss
Put my swag up on the cross
Resurrections of the sauce

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