Ego Mackey – drugs & whine/ur love was denied
Genre Rap

​drugs & whine/ur love was denied

Feat. Leon'sWOLF

Verse 1Ego Mackey

What you really want know bout E-G-O, didn't get no bitches then sold drugs, how it goes
Addicted to pink crystal flow, couldn't count how much I smoke
That's just 2 numb, methadone Percocet that's coma [so] fun
Daily xan, lean, cause I'm just dumb, live long, no, really I don't give a fuck
Don't make me care bout that shit, don't make me feel, please bitch
I gotta keep goin with this, so close to escaping hells pits
Addiction's tight grip, just wanna chop off my dick [really
Sometimes seeing bitch’s PM’s, asking when I'm gon' see 'em
Don't even know them, leave me alone then
I can pour life end, all I wanna do bless, yeah
Love embodied, say my actions sloppy [so sloppy
Say my crimes gon' cost me, bitch you know we stay so lowkey
With these sales, deals and dependencies, kill enemies with ease
Really all the energies embodied
Love, hate, misery, bliss is all on me
Nah of course, nah of course, she ain't want me
She ain't really know me, just pics she saw of me
On the internet, I'm too much, as you can see [hah, bitch]


Ahh fucking, some shit, ahh
Fucking, fucking give a shit

Verse 2Leon’sWOLF

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