Eddytai – Mommy’s Son
Genre Pop

Mommy’s Son

Mommy’s Son lyrics

verse 01

He just finished playing with jacks
No hesitation, no turning back
Then started chasing ones with six packs
He couldn’t, cause i mounted his head on a plaque

He was so ambitious, determined for a juvenile
He needed to learn to slow down n stay a child
He had big dreams with a grand big smile
Let the bullets fly, made his suffering worthwhile
Bang bang i shot him down
Bang bang he hit the ground
Meanwhile, far away in another part of town
In panic, asking around, what’s that sound [GASP!]

Bang, i shot you down
Bang, that awful sound
Underneath that red, his skin-brown
But, look at him now [sobs]

Chorus] [x2
He ran fast, but not faster than my gun
If i makes his mistakes i’ll be killеd by Mommy’s Son

[verse 02

A new comer, set on firе
Discovered me a sure backfire
Yeah, he’s dead, but there’s no body
On my head, they got a bounty

He didn’t do this usually
This temptation was new to me
Pics, videos, burned on cds
Are the only remaining memories
Oh you crazy, what you mean?
I feel him coming after me
Looked into the mirror
Saw him fire 223’s

Hope still he’s here and just sleeping in
Cause, people’s been asking me where he’s been
It’s wild, he had much love surrounding him
And the guilt [ouuu] has started to kick in

[Chorus] [x2
I ran fast, but not faster than his gun
If he makes my mistakes, he’ll be killed by Mommy’s Son

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