Eddiefrb – Megumin vs Ralsei Rap Battle
Genre Rap

Megumin vs Ralsei Rap Battle

Megumin vs Ralsei Rap Battle lyrics

Animation vs Anything





Verse 1Ralsei, Berdly

Once apon a time, a legend was whispered
Of a land filled with demons and magic and wizards
Where a human, a goddess, and a noble from the dark
Depart on a quest to be this kid's babysitter

Only kidding of course, traveler! I'm not your foe!
I do recall Berdly is a big fan of your show! [True!
Though with that raunchy script, it must've been quite the test
I can tell your voice actors... [Errrr...] tried their very best?

Aww, that's a cute costume, what'd you get it for?
Our release has passed; it's not Halloween anymore!
Now I'm not judging, I know your family's plenty poor
But I'm pretty sure sharing baths ain't what friends are for

Verse 2Megumin

Kazuma! This clown's tryna start with Axel's crowd
'Boutta bomb his Castle Town as my target practice grounds
I would skip the introduction but my name can be announced fine
Unlike yours, the viewers know how to pronounce mine

My name is Megumin! Better flee, Whimsun
Crimson Demon leaving bleaters bleeding deep crimson
Battling me is a death wish; I'm no pacifist
This Darkner's like Darkness: both masochists
The second you dropped the cloak, you showed your dubious side
But if you don't want the smoke, then put the doobie aside
You're always the weakest link, this wuss is too meek to fight
We conquered the Demon King, you couldn't defeat a Knight

Verse 3Ralsei, Susie

Was that her only shot? It looks like now she's tired
This baby sucks. Ralsei, go and Pacify her!
Susie, she's already been recruited! Heh. Hardly!
This would be the first time she's been invited to a party!

They call you a wizard? Even I know more magic!
Why don't you cast a spell you don't know and watch what happens?
Or just SPARE us you ACT 'cuz when paired on a track
You can call us Kazuma Heh, we carried your ass! [SUSIE!!]

Verse 4Megumin, Yunyun, Both Megumin and Yunyun

Megumin! I thought I was your battle rap rival!
Yunyun, relax, it's just a prince and his disciple
This tutorial geek is preaching to kids he just met??
Yeah, right? What kinda teacher has no subjects!

The prince is a match; I bet he's really a lightner
Looks like Ralsei and Asriel are both serial liares
When we conjure explosion with teamwork together!

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