Eddie Power – Angel's Interlude
Genre Rap

Angel's Interlude


Eddie fucking P
Ah, lets get it


My insides are green money making machine
Fit so clean woke up with the kream
Come to think about it I was having a dream
Gotta paint the picture look this was the scene
A rather young boy he was coming of age
The pain was too deep had to pick up the page
Pen to the paper I done drew up a stage
The world would treat him it would fill him with rage
Daddy wasn't there had to lеarn on my own
Momma was working so the streets is my home
Only felt safе when I went to the zone
Venting was hard now I spit off the dome
Picked my guitar when I moved to PR
My dad would ask me why I feel you so far
Remember all the time we would sing in the car
Now all I feel is quite bizarre
Graduations and birthdays you were never here
Had no other choice outgrew the fear
Fuck yo validation I don't want you near
Court day in trial you ain't got no peers
Me and momma didn't see eye to eye
She never understood that I had to fly
Why you love the streets she was asking me why
They never did me wrong well that was a lie
Nonchalant attitude the way I was living
Only speaking facts you get what you giving
Talking about the future gotta pray I'll be living
Staying in my lane till then I'll be chilling
It's 2018 didn't know how to rap
I would just chill and watch from the back
The homie gave me he gave it like that
All you gotta do is hop on the track
Started from nothing how I make it here
Tend to reminisce when I'm feeling fear
Always had the vision this shit is clear
My heart got broken had to shed a tear

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