E Stunner – TOJ CYPHER 1
Genre Rap


Intro [Machine
Hi Detective
I want to play a game
But the last person who played it
Blood was everywhere
Her head was in the microwave
Her body was destroyed by a huge ? of ice
I don't think you want this
I advice that you attach ? to the machine
Take the key and shut the cage
But don't forget the timer

Verse [thellO
Father forgive me, too many sins I committed tonight
Don't know if I'll make it to heavеn with all of this blood on my hands
But screw it, somebody had to do it
Game was in distrеss
Rappers were making a mess
Somebody had to clean it
Since nobody else was willing
I what?
I took the job
Got a notepad and a pen and I wrote some bars
They was looking at me, like she prolly all talk no action
Prolly gon flop on a song when the time comes
Now some rapper's career is in the coffin
And guess what I was the culprit
It's another cypher, and I'm ready to do it again
Smiling from ear to ear
Looking like Joker when he bout to blow up a place [Woah
Though they'll never admit it, I know when they see me, they scared
They like "it's that girl that killed on that record"
Then go home and quiver in fear
It's always different when it comes to me
Go ask around
Every rapper that ever went toe to toe with me got torn to bits
Verse 2 [Cross60
It's on me
Y'all already know it's grind time
When runs girl take her clothes off
I never flop on a track, mehn
It's bolt moves wen pace off
Everybody wanna be Fela
Too fake
I look around I see no fela [Hey
Coke and Bigi Cola similar
Like JOE EL and KING 2 baba
Real nigga on a camera
Real life, you 2-faced like Idibia [Twice
Toj keep it real here
Like the Madrid with the most trophies
Ma mojo back like I restored a BF
From the recycle bin
Ur girl never go ON break in ma DM
It is what it is
Hustling making money
While y'all watching Zee world saloni
I'm a God, you can't talk about it
Ma lifetime change the narrative
Getting trips like a bolt driver
Y'all ain't moving like mannequins
I put ma life on every verse
I never die immortality
Verse 3 [Jolliano
When I put my pen to paper
It's like L in the Death Note
Man, I'm moving like I'm Suge Knight
Putting guys on Death Row
Spitting fire in the booth
Turning air into soot, now it's restricting their airflow
Man, I hardly ever rest o
Always moving with intent, so
When you see me make a move
You should know every step that I took
I calculated from the get-go, from the get-go
Tell me who you know teaches Maths, Physics, Chemistry
Does web design, raps this well and still does Poetry
Only Jolliano if we're really speaking honestly
I don't ever lose, doesn't matter who the opponents be
I no dey compete, I only outdo my past
Step in to the scene, teach a brother how to act
Any rapper acting better, omo, that one na facade
But in the words of Lord V
Make we just leave am like salad [Confam]

Verse 4 [Sentinel Davies
I'm coming out spraying, start praying
This is the kind of shit that I prey in
This is the kind of beat that I slay in
Fuck those crooked bars, let me straighten
So much potentials, I'm bursting the seams
You Reap what you sow, so I'm spurting the seeds
Well tailored verses, I'm good with the Tweed
We never seem stressesd, coz We've gat this game keyed
I'm a true blood
They go low, we revamp higher, I said I'm True, Blood!
Dropping the hit
Killing the beat
Guns in my pocket I'm packing the heat
Blood in my eyes, Ice in my veins
So if they talking and capping their shit
Imma kill kill, as they stare in defeat
Verse 5 [Gregrics
[Hand bell rings] Break over pls

I'm too wack, yes I said that
New school wey dey yarn fact
You see crack no dey claim dope
These days Seminarian won dey form Pope
Wo your Messiah don dey find soap
You use me come dey get hope
I smack you on a ring rope
Its powww powww with my rap glove
Rappers won rock but these rappers won't work
Fans come dey talk say our rap no dey pop
How many times have you played our song
But if na J.Cole, you go rap along
He's an OG so it's only right I respect those that here before me surely
Doesn't mean you bring stories that's prolly gon dent our glory, hommie
I agree there's a disconnect
Bad blood and a low budget
So rappers have to put more best
Make the fans get more interest
So that more can invest and blow the internet
But They saying issa cypher
Greg should be the Tiger
Tearing other rappers, leaving them for burial
But nayyy not today [Hehehe
They can die another day

Verse 6 [E Stunner
Yo bring this shit down
I been away for a minute but nigga I'm back on the grind
I need a bag
Better talk about the money cuz I ain't be fucking around
Cuz I'm on a chase
Got a couple lucid dreams but niggas be doubting my shit
But I never quit
And I never fuck with a groupie, I been all alone in this shit
And I'm making the moves
Tryna elevate my family nigga I'm paying my dues
I come from the hood
That's why a nigga never scared cuz I ain't got nothing to lose
I'm flipping the risk
Getting knowledge from the streets cuz I do not fuck with the schools
They making you dumb but self education gon' put you on top
You pick and you choose
But don't get it twisted
You cannot walk in my shoes
A nigga go harder than Hercules
Don't tryna fit in my race, this ain't no relay
My journey be feeling like odyssey
Hate on me cuz I don't roll with you ain't like its felony
I do not fuck with everybody
That's my policy to keep my mentality solid
It's quality over quantity, my nigga

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