Dyingcondones – For a nut remix
Genre Rap

For a nut remix

Verse 1
Yeah she just want a nut from the cut with the fuck niggas [with the fuck niggas
Yeah i don't hang around these hoes they fuck with lame niggas [lame niggas
Yeah ima get the money bags ima get them with my main niggas [main niggas
You can't stop me around here cause you know im the main nigga [yeah yeah go]

Verse 2

Yeah im the king of my city
They are full on with pitty
Yeah ima hit a lil middy
Yeah ima send them to hell
Getting the mail, yeah in a tonka ringing a bell
Scaring your shit like annabelle, ima go back and go and fell
Yeah ima follow the trail
Yeah im just high as hell
Yeah she just want me now, yeah she just want me now
Yeah she back for a nut, yeah ima go hop in the cut
Yeah all she do is bluff yeah all she do is bluff
Yeah can't fuck around with these hoes no more if you know, you know
Yeah they gon' follow around, there gonna go and love a hoe
Yeah im searching around cause some niggas need halos
Ima take his 2 face cause you know ima go hit him with a draco
Yeah you ain't even seen me with a GLE
Switch it for a SUV come in with a 223, come in with a SRT
Spiting shit like XQC, you know you wanna be me
You can go and see me, i don't care what you wanna be
I just wanna go be me, i just wanna go be me
Yeah hitting shit like CP3, yeah you know MJ, hee hee hee

Verse 3

Ima come in with a pack and a mac imma go and slide with a bag yeah
Ima come in the house like cat in the hat, you know i don't ever lack yeah
Yeah you know ima go around here you know im like that
Yeah im running shit like GTA, you know i can't go back
Yeah only 15 just out here tryna go get a rack
So don't call me up when you don't even know me like that
Yeah imma go get me a ride, ima be outside, yeah imma go and stay in line
Yeah better go pick your side, your gonna be mine, you looking so fine yeah, where the light don't shine
Put it in a pine, yeah go put it in a mine
Yeah i get so high, wasting my time, imma go stay in line, better not hide
Focus on your mind, focus on your mine yeah
And she came back in time, wasting all my time, wasting all my time yeah

[After chorus 1

Yeah for a nut nigga yeah for a nut nigga
She came for a nut nigga yeah for a nut nigga
Yeah she came for a nut nigga yeah for a nut nigga
Yeah she came for a nut nigga yeah for a nut nigga

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