Dying Sun – Plain Ride
Genre Rock

Dying Sun

Evil dance school
I took a look inside
Your bearing's not the same
It has improved a lot
Thought I'd say hello
Now I don't hove the guts

Things go floating
Did I even try
A swimming-school drop-out
Slowly losing ground
Staring like an owl
At the dying sun

There is silence
And noisy chapters
I went deeper down into the mine
I could not believe what I found
There was a river
A subterranean river
And a black-sided boat
That took me for a ride
I closed my eyes
Laid down on the deck
Like a log or a wreck
For a week or two
Well I don't know how long it took
I lost track of time
When I opened my eyes again
I saw a faint
Electric light
In the corridor by the elevator door

Your life is not your own
It is yours to lead

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