Dunn D – Sountrack for the Downtrodden
Genre Rap

Sountrack for the Downtrodden

Verse 1

Knocked down and I've been deflated
With life and all of its tribulations
But every hurdle was an inspiration
That became the basis of a written statement
Took a breather, I was sitting patient
Now it's popping more than we anticipated
Do it for the ones of us that didn't make it
Have em ??write it/riding?? with me when their spirit's fading
Seen plenty of them ??where the bars locked??
That just ended up getting locked in bars
Seen friends of mine that could have been famous
Throw it all away and get on the shard
I guess that's just how the cookie crumbles
Could be any of us on that toxic path
Back when i was caught in the undertow
Might have lost my way but never lost my heart
I've been doing this since grade eleven
Still the maddest rapper out of Rosny Park
Remember '03 back at Mobius
Me and 'duse battled for a box of draught
Now it's major labels with their back and forth
Just shrugged it off and kept dropping bars
With releases funded out my own pocket
From the underground I went and topped the charts
??dumb barter my time waiter??
So i jumped in like "geronimo"
Put chariots to the cobble stones
Let them guide me to where i wanna go
I'm a little tackle with some big dreams
Came a long way from a snotty nose
Brushed so much dirt of my shoulders
I should have probably broken my collarbone
Only preach what I'm practising
Giving something back to these Tassie kids
So they can find a path over troubled waters
That doesn't lead them to the Tasman Bridge
I'm from a small pond but you can catch my drift
There's a lot left that i have to give
Cause it ain't about how many times you fall
It's how many times you bounce back from it


Take a breath
And i hold it tight [hold it tight
Through the longest days
And the coldest nights [the coldest nights]

All the years I've lost
Now I'm old and wise [old and wise
So I stand right up
With my shoulders high [my shoulders high]

Verse 2

Cause I've been living well
2020 is a different world
They freed Greeley and got a queen near me
But we ruffle feathers when we kiss and tell
Let them scheme on me while they sit and twirl
Tryna build a future for my little girl
For my slice of heaving ??they won't give me hell??
Or they'd be sitting happy in a prison cell
Well you should think about it, if you catch me
Then your namesake will be forever hated
While my namesake will be a day off work
At least once a year when they celebrate me
That's a lose-lose, fucking let 'em hate
But with my legacy it means you'll never fade me
On a different level with my elevation
While my mind is lifting like it's levitation
I mean how high? let me demonstrate it
I'm Icarus I got the feathers waving
I am middle finger to my education
Every one of them that said I'd never make it
I'm the text engraved up on detention tables
I'm a rolling stone I am a renegade
I am Bob Dylan with a pen and paper
I've become the voice of my generation
Yeah I've got tickets on me
But it's fair play with my type of talent
Ironic that they used to count me out
But now they numbers doing more than I'd imagine
Watch it ticking over while the time's elapsing
Yeah I'm moving steady cause I'm finding balance
Went and took a breath and then I held it tight
And now my spirit's risen for the final challenge
I just share my story, earn a right of passage
Walk the hard road as my right of passage
I've been penning shit to it off my chest
And turn my therapy into a timeless classing
I'm the standard-bearer I will fly the banner
I'm the rabbit's foot when they are fighting battles
I'm the Soundtrack for the Downtrodden
That holds the torch when all light is vanished


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