Dunn D – Captain of a Lonely Boat
Genre Rap

Captain of a Lonely Boat

Verse 1

The captain of a lonely boat
Waves come crash into my wary vessel
Until it overflows
On my last rations as I'm travelling from coast to coast
With nothing but a dagger that I fashioned from a broken bone
See I'm just waiting for the storm to pass
The moon's lighting up the clouds but still the water's dark
I'm slowly going under and the shores are far
Held together by a prayer wishing it don't fall apart
Lost my way and drifted from the course i charted
If only i could go back to the calm before it started
Hopeless as i saw my craft broken from us more and fast
Fear my only company, surrounded by a swarm of sharks
But if i jumped it, it'd be short and fast
You never could appreciate the light of it before the dark
Saw the red shade that the shadows from the morning cast
Refusing to acknowledge the reality these warnings marred


What's my life if it left me here, when I
Lost my mind and the end was near
I'll find strength, find a way
I'll keep on till the light of day

Verse 2

But I guess that only time will tell
Navigated through the murky depths but i can't find the help
A rabbit's foot mean nothing when you're faced another night in hell
Just standing on a sinking ship and battling the rise and swell
But it's more than I can stand
Left me cold and turned a goat into a frightened lamb
But as the wind catches my sails for its final dance
I looked at the horizon and can faintly see the sight of land
Man... ain't the end that I envisioned
Bailing out the water with a vengeance, now the time is ticking
The ocean go to me back but I ain't tryna listen
Even if we capsize then I can swim to find a finish
It's been a journey since my quiet beginnings
But now I see the destination with the life I'm living
It's hard to keep your head above when your mind is sinking
But like the morning sun, my spirit steady rising with it


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