DUMMY – Ryangottheheat
Genre Rap


She tryna G me.naw man Tha chick she a dummy
You ain't gon blast th 9 you is real funny
You girl left u kuz she say she love me
But we put in public. so girl please dont hug me
If I was 2 get locked up who would even write me
Ya well forget all the fakes. Pull up wit smoke or fight me
All righty
Dress up in red
Keep that white tidy
Hit a lick
Got some sticks
Put a scop
Like Kendric
Got your girl over
Mak a flick
He claims 550
But he b triple 9
Workin for duh point
Look my killa in his eyes
Ont regent my past . Whatcho point?
We got chops for the deblo
Makе y swimming wit the fishes
Madе in the trap 5 racks
We move in them packs
N move in then kelos
Scope like a pepe hole
Disrespect my set
We gon let tha heat blow
I've been selling n doing this
Since the 4th grade
Really never made a difference kuz I had it made
Tk showed how to flip them packs
And how 2 maintain
Imma flip it
N spend it on the same thin

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