Dukio – LAZY
Genre Rap


Throw me one back and now I'm feelin lazy
Don't try to play with me, bitch is you crazy?
When you succeed they gone start acting shady
I tell all my people I love em, they hate me
Granny just died and that shit finna break me
Seen my first homicide when I'ze a baby
All of this pain I been through it won't change me
Busing these drugs I hope mama come save me
Strapped with them thugs I won't let them boys take me
Shaking my hand I know they want erase me
I need some space if I leave do not chase me
You can move on but you cannot replace me
Going through phases alone it don't phase me

Came from the bottom I'm just tryna make it
Remember them days when my bed was a blanket
Ain't give me shit so I had to go take it
Give you my trust then you better not break it
Wan get to the top cause I come from the basement
Instead of working they rather start hatin
Praying to God but I'm fighting with Satan

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