Drowsy in Moonside – Aeromos
Genre Pop

Drowsy in Moonside

On my seven digits pound sign and blunt communication
The webbing is scam ready like I was the millionth in visitation
I've invested in Iron claws trying to keep the infrastructure safe
Nomading my island pacing, thinking
How to transform a tortoise to an albatross meditating
In the brainstorm the precipitation is desperation
Standing on a skeleton bridge casting pails
At the rapids trying to catch memory with wind in their sails
The behavior to delay the inevitable
Give it a couple years
I'll be in the depths of your mental only to disappear
Working strings twisting perception of smoke and mirrors
Now criminal acts are commissioned
My two wounded feelings have expectations of vengeance
October 24th deliverance could of fixed it
Returned Sacred ash to the phoenix would have lifted
Should have done better don't favor these new beginnings

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