DROP KICK – Human Error
Genre Pop


Verse 1wilson

Yo, this new mic smells chemicals
I saw you siphoning boy take off that gas cap
Empty tank now Iu2019m filling shit up for my last lap
My grip is tightening fast, disrespect for the craft
You on the phone trying to escape but we got the wiretapped
We make strategic moves, we gon catch you cheating too
Iu2019m often forgetful, so this life is something else to lose
Alibis, excuses wonu2019t do, Iu2019m one for two
Fucks wrong with you? Fucks wrong witcha
We cut ties here boy
Forgot my lines, used to improvise lies
Until that drip dry, I never been high bitch, or have I?
Lately, I been in the dark I had to clarify
We all working on getting out, Iu2019m still terrified
I slipped on the poison, I had to detoxify
Until then Iu2019ll keep watch, with my third eye
Hits on my archive, bitch Iu2019m the worst guy
She wanted me, I told that bitch sheu2019s on standby

Verse 2Avi

I push whips, thatu2019s some good shit, bitch
Iu2019m hood rich
Got cars with hood ornaments, then I floor it
You sorta lit
Iu2019m the coda that takes you back to the chorus kid
Never forget because Iu2019m never missed
Godzilla on the skyscraper shit
Used to rap about the mild acres
Now Iu2019m sipping high flavor trip with a lightsaber on a Las Vegas strip
Hold your claps, savor it
Hold me back, I'm made for this

Verse 3William

Tryna hold me down like that nigga Navy
Grow from my mistakes like Iu2019m Wolf Haley
Cloud above me and itu2019s always raining
Jeans cuffed, hands cuffed, clouds tryna chain me
Tryna fight back but my fists shaky
From all the weight on my shoulders, how I been lately
Fuck it, push through it even tho itu2019s hazy
Get to the top, breaking banks straight out the 80s
Bitch, bitch


Straight out the 80s
You know you my baby
I got all this time all this
All these niggas acting so shady
I don't really fuck with yall, I don't really fuck with yall
That's my dog, imma fuck with yall
I don't fuck at all, like a virgin
I don't fuck with y'all like a virgin

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