Driftglass – The Rise
Genre Rock

The Rise

In violent seas lives creation and myth
Reality wonders its glorious realms
Explosions of light settle down with
Mysterious shadows, conceptions of dreams

Time solid as ice
Like glaciers it flows
These shapes come to rise
From dreams they arose

Watch towards the seas
Can you see there’s
Something in the depth
That’s quickly fading out of range
Silhouettes of history
Bring forth a coming change

Solidified tempest, leads them to the edge
Of brilliant patterns, which scourge through the land
Of towering walls, spreading out their roots
With weapons of metal, and statues of sand

Increasing each day
Corrupting the night
Controlling the land
The dark and the light
Somewhere far in time
This too will end and
They won’t know what hit them
On that fatal day
But two millennia is a
Long, long time to wait
In the end it won’t be them
That lay themselves to waste

We founded cities that stood through all storms
And fortified these walls, with our very blood
So stronger each day, will these empires grow
They can withstand heaven, but can they withstand us?

But now let’s rejoice
Spill wine on the floor
Corrupting the night
Till its gone to the core


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