Driftglass – Pull the Strings
Genre Rock

Pull the Strings

The night, it settles itself before me
And I don’t know where to run
And I don’t think that I can survive another

In a momentary weakness
Unbeknownst to all the world
I have simply lost my will to live
Simply lost myself

Like a puppeteer, I watch them dance around me
Straws of hopeful dreams, filling up their heads
Little did I know, about the fear that binds me
Would I have been better off a puppet instead
I can no longer see the forest for the trees
Don't know why anyone would want to follow me
I stand upon a broken tower of shattered glass
I should have known that this was never meant to last

I don't know, I don't know what else to do
And I don't know if there's anything worth doing
Where do I find the strength to pull me through
Don't think I can find the courage to begin
Am I simply a careless puppeteer
Messing up the steps of another show I've ruined
Or am I just a puppet on display destined to live out my days attached to strings
Swaying on my feet
I welcome the defeat
And I just want to move on
And I’ve played this part too long

Dancing on display
Puppets in a play
But I know all this will end
We are tied to this my friend
Pull the strings try to break free
After all you’ll follow me

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