Driftglass – Evergreen
Genre Rock


The sand on my fingers
It once felt like water, long ago
Corrupted by years, of feeling immortal, and I know

I will never feel cold

Not tired of swimming
Not tired of treading through the snow
The water is steaming, the glaciers are melting, and I know

I will never feel cold

I will go to a place where the sea meets the sky
Where good men turn to stone as their widowed wives cry
Where the blood runs so thick and is sweeter than wine
Wherе the strong eat the wеak and the weak go to die
Where torture is pleasure and kindness is pain
Where the sinful are free and the free are insane
Where the temperature’s set to one hundred and five
Where morals are dead and where I feel alive

What did I forget here?
What is it that bring me to this place?
There’s pain in my fingers, and lines that the wind carved on my face

I will never feel cold
With the salt from the east we are bound
As this wind blows the sand into clouds
And the lips that kiss this land are blistered from the sun
With the sand here and gone

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