Dream – Slightt
Genre Rap



I'm being honest with you
There's some dreams I have
Yeah Yeah
Come on


I gotta come tell y'all something
I may have all that cash but I have dreams that you won't believe
Its not a A1
I don't know how to explain
I'm fin na tell you my Secrets
I may have all that cash but at least I have some dreams
You won't believe them at all
I'm tryna be honest with you
Nobody wanna be me at all but it is really true
Listen to me inside I'm not tryna hurt you
But if you listen to me I'll tell you something

Verse 1

I have these dreams that are not true
You really wish your were me Oh my gosh that's not true
You really don't wanna be me at all I'm being with you
Listen you won't wanna be me at all anyway may have all that cash
At least I'm not that good at everything I have had
Listen to me Listen to me every single thing I had gone from me
Took an from me people coming back for a ton
I have some dreams that you'll really never believe
Have you scared at night
People wish that they were me but that's not true
But you should listen to me for one time I'm being honest you don't know what to say I'm gonna tell you what to say

Verse 2

You don't wanna be me you don't wanna be Slightt
Like I'm being Skity it's like I never been skity at all
I'm tryna be honest with you people wish that they were me
I have dreams at night that really scare you
It scares me to I feel not cool i sike my head it's like my head is a terrorizing hell wait that's not true I love people well guys listen to me for once I'm a boy who has these dreams inside his head
Well listen I am normal outside but I am not cool inside you really just listed to me to I'm slightt And good at Roast
You said that that's not true
Listen I have good roast
Listen to me it's true
Roast beef really ain't nice
I got good grims ain't nice
What are you really gonna do about my dreams at night

Verse 3

Help me help me I need some help no waits
You really don't be me and I'm not just tryna play here
RIP my cousin hey Shawn
I'm tryna be honest with you
You don't wanna be me to
I'm really not tryna be cool
This beat ain't feeling my cure listen making making was hard
10 hours not gone never quiting this
Help me help me outside
I'm Really not normal
Outside I'm Really inside yeah yeah it's true
I'm Really here risking everything
I just said said yeah I have those dreams after this is gone y'all see me
Tryna be honest with y'all like this never been a A1 Smith like never being skity I have to many dreams that you would not believe
Dreams would never be a thing
I Really wanna say something
Dreams are not so cool
Dreams are not that cool
I love my dreams but some are to hard pain
I just been honest
With you for this great time
I have these dreams that you will not believe at all

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