The Shoe Fits lyrics


For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition

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November 17, 2023

The Shoe Fits lyrics


Y'all might want to skip this one this is a harsh truth
Yeah, a hard truth

Look, to all the ladies wonderin' why
Drake can't rap like the same old guy
It's 'cause I don't know how anymore
I don't know how, yup
I've had my beliefs tested, my faith broken
In a half I try to joke and laught, but I just don't know how anymore
Look, I don't know how, yup

To all the super triggered women talkin' down on me
Relax, drink some water, act like you somebody daughter
Can't get a tan from your phone light
Baby, it's late June, open the blinds, get out the shame room
Maybe you could start gettin' involved in some shit when you're not involved
Or maybe you go for a walk somewhere that is not a mall
What's your baby shoes size? Could tell by the laces
They tight or you only focus on the steps that I'm taking in life
And then you got the ones who claim a guy that's everyone's lead
For a month on Colombia and now everything bigger
Even your attitude is bigger
Your appetizer ruined ?
Your nigga is not even a star un QB
That nigga on the field before the game
He just practice
What happened on sellin' real estate
Where they are, she was gone?
All your fuckin' caps is lately talkin' 'bout happy and glowin'
All that snappy impuslive
Who the fuck was your last?
Askin' questions 'bout niggas and you get slapped in the face either happened or no
Domestic abuse, the man is not a man for you
He's just a pathetic excuse
... and lettin' you skeleton loose
But you sneak around 'cause whose's out there is better for you
Plus he paid the surgeon so you ask, go get a caboose
But he want you covered in all, so you're dresses as loose
Plus it's the only he see when you get introduced
Now you wanna fly ? just to get a reduce
Good Lord, more weeks in recovery clinic

Drake – The Shoe Fits

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