Darkness, call me, god like Kami
Bullet stopping, pistol popping
Bodies dropping, drowning pooling
Get to booling, body cooling

Chop it up and send off
Get my drive like I like golf
Taxi driving, snub nose naw
Pull me over, bust it off

ACAB I been screaming
Cops get to the fiending
Know that I be scheming
Call all of my teammates

Count my trophies and achievments
Other side they got the demons
Trust me I can see them [Trust me I can see them]

Left shot, watch em drop
Liver shocked, crumpled up
Got back up so uppercut
Then watch the blood

Two hits and hе gone
Stone cold no Stevе
Hit em and I yawn
Now he can't breathe
Follow up a knee
Now I split his spleen
Internals gon bleed
Kidney bleeding pee
Disrupting all your sleep while I creep, I'm so sleek
I be leaving no trace, not a sound not a peep
On the radars not a bleep, get the memoirs ready
I'm so nasty when I speak, me and death steady

Pickled brine, like puppies whine
Preserved brain, drinking rain
Celebrate then ride away
Celebrate then ride away

Writing up these notes, calling up Ryuk
I dont need no deal, I can see the seals
Mentioning the demons
Got me focus breathing
I don't need no sword
Trust I can beat them

Slicing off limbs, like they slicing lamb
Next off I'm gonna slice ya hand
How you plan to win when can't step
My wakizashi blade always kept
My wakizashi blade always kept [kept, kept]

Fights in my mind til the end of time
I'm my greatest foe cause I can't hide
I always know how I slice my life
But this ain't no slice of life
Cause I never laugh [never laugh
Serotonin where you going
Oxytocin, more like oxycontin
Imma dope ass man, with no dopamine
Hanging with my doper fiends
Smoke is what I breathe
Sessions what I need

Screaming in my mental
My mind is not a temple
Swinging for your thimble
Pop you like a pimple

You better keep your temper
Composure close to Kemper
I'm the coldest killer
Anime no filler

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