That's my boo, that's my boo
That's my boo, aye
Who the fuck
Who the fuck are you? Aye

Deep web, let me give you a tor, tho
Do not stop let me give you some uh more, bro
Baby girl? Nah. More like mi amor, aye
At you house, guess? Knocking at your door aye

Do you have time for the lord tho? [Do you?
Just kidding this that Digi-orno
Be like Howie and you be like Arno
Anti-hero just got a big fat score yo

Try to stop me and I'm busting out a blade [blade, blade
Now you be the one bleeding from your leg
Dump you in trunk, I call that switching place [tru
I don't need no goons, I handle all my things

If you want the work, just call my hotline bling
I will pull up, sеrenade you with grenadеs [bitch]

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