Don't Forget Your Souvenirs – Tick Tock
Genre Rap

Don't Forget Your Souvenirs


Ticky gotta get 'em, ahh!

Pre Hook

I believe that it’s my time
Everything be hella fine
I’m glad that you made it here
But when you leave don’t forget your souvenirs
Don’t forget your souvenirs


Gotta flip a few pages
We gotta break these walls
Gotta make a few changes
And let everybody know
I just wanna give power to the people
I’m just trying to give power to the people
I just wanna give power to the people
I’m just trying to give nah! Let it run now
Here we go


You made it well done welcome
To the mind of the guy who became freshman
Hoping by next semester, I’d probably drop hits like Kwesta
I’m out here playing hero in a place where nobody wanna see the seed grow
I know that it ain’t that easy, for one guy to empower the people
Though every day I know that that they despise
A million times they wanted my demise
But I live my life like bread before the oven
Like dough and yeast, I’m always bound to rise
Always pray to God to give me strength
Which all depends on how much of faith
That enabled David to have Goliath slain
Success and all must surely be my fate, Yah!
Can I get an amen for the mandem ascending above that bar, check!
It’s the same old thing just a different day
So I care less about what everybody say
Karmer my B; my Te Xuan Ze
Strike me once, I return times three, Nigga!


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