Don Gunna – Gatman
Genre Boom Bap, Rap


Police call me gatman

All black Batman
Rob him

What the fuck u looking at do we gotta problem

This nine milly semi automatic it’s gone solve em

I done seen so much work then flood the block

I even tried helping niggas tryna take my spot
I told em chil

It’s enough room at this table to share a meal //

But that wasn’t good enough

The greed eating niggas inside it wasn’t good enough

I got u signed and it still wasn’t good enough

// like what the the fuck u niggas want from me
I ain’t real enough

I gave u niggas a platform that’s good enough

Now I’m
Bout to send u invoices time to pay it up

Slide down coplay by giant and spray it up //

Stop fucking playin wit mе

U not tough u under a bitch
Stop playin wit me
U ain’t got enough guns
I’m spraying 50s
My niggas ain’t got еxtenededs they got them

Wit assault rifles and all diffrent type guns

I be praying I see one of u nuggas just for fun

I could easily go to ya studio just for fun

Ya niggas better keep my name out ya fucking

Mouth I got all ya niggas addresses

I will run down in ua gucking house

While u sleep
I will smoke u while u sleep
But right before I do it u gone see me like a dream

Soon as u open ya eyes vison still blurry from the dream
Then the gun goes off this isn’t a dream


I’m the gat man

They know I’m Shootin till the gat jam
Assault rifle attached wit the beam call it Batman
They know
That I’m the gat man they know that I’m the gat man

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