DomD FromThaMO – Bosa
Genre Rap



Off the jump, after these punks like I'm Nikky Bosa

Got the juice, he going far, pure power No Sammy Sosa

Been hunting all day, you become Prey

Off the edge like I'm Nikky Bosa

After me, but still can't stop the dozer

Look at his range, no rover

Vicious hit bitch, knock you out of your seat

Like I'm Nikky Bosa

Hate me, just doing what I'm supposed to

All day, like Nikky Bosa

All day like Bosa

Verse 1

Got the numbers like your credit card just rack'em up

Beast on'em, body count sky high

They like chips, just stack'em up

Game mode, I'm the one, only one, beast boy

Flex on'em, fair warning, head hunting, big dogs eat boy

Bust your head like a coconut, you sweet boy

Little almond joy

I warned'em all, it's war deploy

I bet you wonder how you match up, naw you ain't want it

No escape, you in my sights, call me gunner

Rookie of the year but I play like a vet that's uncaged

Bunch of haters gonna copy me, thats every page

Dwayne Johnson, rock it up on every stage

I got the juice without the juice

Like a surfer babe I'm on the wave

I'm a great white, made my way into the bay

Like Bosa

Turning up, bring the heat like a toaster

Like 97 I'm straight cash

Yo where the money at, Yo, like Moneybagg

Break loose in my territory, have fun with that

Slow me down
Take two lineman, tight end and a running back

Grocery shopping got a lot of sacks

Bossing up like I’m Al Capone

Won’t leave the same as before


Run the game like I’m Raheem how about that

They wanna test me, I’ma snap back

This a new era

6 rings, just cooking up like rice

In route, they call me Jerry

All day like it’s 54

No resting

Get the dub, 3 sacks and a lot of pressure

Off the jump after these punks like I’m Nikky Bosa

Got the juice, he going far, pure power no Sammy Sosa

Been hunting all day, you become prey

Off the edge like I’m Nick Bosa

After me but still can’t stop the dozer

Look at his range no rover

I’m head hunting like Nikky B

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