DMis Diss – Young Misty
Genre Rap

DMis Diss


Ayo wassup, my name's Misty and I have all them rhymes
My rhymes are famous from 17 to 18
You can't even have a thot cause she never suck your Dick
This is for you, DMis
Ya Hoe


Yo lil ugly ass dude, I am tired of you bullying me
Your name is DMis? Thats a ugly ass name cause you can suck the D
Nigga, you think you cool, but you don't have friends
Only because your thot left you thats where your life ends
I fighted you 21 years ago, and you have no chain man
Why do i fuckin rap
Bitch you fucking black
Nigga go die cause you wack
Bitch get the fuck out of the school cause you too young to be messing with me
That would happen if you stop hitting my girl with your titties



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