Disillusion – The Recognitions
Genre Pop


Lately I've become your paperweight
You better watch what you say
Irony is the song of a bird
Who comes to love its cage

Why is it you're leaving just to say
You've got somewhere to go
Smiling at me you look at the door
"I'm free and that is why I'm lost"


Down to the wire [you wait for me
I can't feel the fire [you wait, you wait for me
All the while [it's too late for me
Lost by the sign [it's too late, too late for me
In the light [you wait for me
Just take the ride [you wait, you wait for me
Through the night [it's too late for me
I still hear the cries [it's too late, too late for me
You know why [you wait for me
At least in my mind [you wait, hey wait]


Disillusion [man on a wire, you wait for me
Disillusion [you can't feel the fire, you wait, you wait for me
Disillusion [all the while it's too late for me
Disillusion [lost by the sign, it's too late, too late]

Lately like the king of Ephyra
I don't have anyone to blame
You're no longer laughing in my dreams
You look down and walk away

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