Verse 1Jack Jack [JHBBOSS

You know it's young Jack Jack, lil' brody back back 'fore I put the fire to his face
Don't really matter who you call back, I can multiply that, now I'm all over the place
I'm the type of Jack to take over an ace, pull his card, now he tripping like he walking loose laced
Bad chick, turn into a monster for the cookie, you can see it on my face, I've been tryna clean the plate
Powers been above all, y'all ain't listen
Hop on the track to a different dimension
Opps in my sights, then I swear I ain't missin'
The beams hit 'em twice with Incredible vision
Trick, I'm diffеrent from all of these childrеn
Doing all this, yet I still been chilling
Jit with a power to take any villain
And separating all the laws out of physics

Verse 2Dash [King Bazza

Tell the Flash that he can aside
Forget your skills, you're not as fast as I
When I cast a stride, I could pass the line
Before you silly little runners all in half the time, ha
But I am the keeper to second place
Leaving the secret to elevate
They putting identities under a scope
So we don't revert to better days
But I'm A-Train when in a straight lane, no, I don't play games
And you can stay lame, I never claim fame because they blame blame when the damages pile high
But he just be pulling up so super quick, they ain't even knowing what's there
A handful of thumbtacks within his grip, and then you'll be throwing your chair, yeah

Verse 3Violet [Canela Deya

Vi so shy, yeah, I know
Carry an aura with a purple glow
Way I work make you double take
Ain't Dua Lipa, but I can make you Levitate
You see that I may be chill
But watch me come out of my shell
Target lock, and I will kill
Can not touch when I bring out the shield
Now you see me, now you don't
Y'all choked up wherever I go
I pop pop pop outta nowhere, ho
Thinkin' I copped the invisible cloak
Don't test me now, throw your face to the ground
Miss dissappear, skill so profound
Take y'all down, and not make a sound
Fuckin' up opps like it nothing now, bitch

Verse 4Mister Incredible [GODZtheDon

So Incredible, I fuck my bitch, yeah, she flexible, stretching it out like elastic, uh
Fighting my foes with my family of Four, and you know that we keep it Fantastic, uh
Shoutout my kinfolk, don't need an intro, I give 'em quick smoke
All of these fanboys pop up, that's the syndrome, I get it cracking like breaking a window
Uh, they get to jumping off
Ain't on my level, they fucking soft
Uh, your bitch is a mirage
Eyes on me when I come across
Big body built, so you know I'mma do it all
He tried to size up to me, put him through a wall
You know about me, I get to the flexing
Body your crew, then I'm making my exit

Verse 5Elastigirl [Keetheweeb

K, I ain't never really need a sidekick
Too bad to ever be considered as a sidechick
Catch me on the top five hottest hero wife list
You can try to copy all my flows like a right click, uh
Elastic, but I could never stretch the truth
Everytime I touch the mic, I bet I bless the booth
I bet I got a bigger bag than you
Watch the money spread out just like it's Elmer's glue
Yeah, my body bad, but the booksmarts better
Play it cool cause I'm a chick, but that's gon' really get you wet up
Villains talking slick, but I'm really getting fed up
If you playing with my kids, it's the quickest way to die
Empty out your clip, guarantee the bullets fly
Back to you, my body send it back like I rang a boom
Have a date with the cops since you causing doom

Verse 6Frozone [Diggz Da Prophecy

Coolest on the block, bet you Miss the Freeze
Better chill, with the skill lead to Victories
Consistency, it's can't work unless the miss agrees
They hit with fees for us, now a misdemean
Lucius the Best, not confused with the rest
Now I move when addressed, that's the way to go
The crew never pressed, look, my dude should invest
Never losing a quest, got the H2O
You step in my zone, better luck from far
You only get close, but it's no cigar
If you still keeping score not enough for y'all
And I chill with the fam cause I'm up to Parr
I say with my chest
This the day to attest
So don't make no request
And convey to the press
I won't stay the oppressed
I'mma star and I'm blessed
And the folks we connect
They on Par with the Best

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