Dieathon – Mournin’ After
Genre Rap

Mournin’ After

Feat. Miles Davis

One, two, three, pop pop

[Verse 1
How many of us have em?
Ones we can depend on
Passed out after the show
Last bowl that seen this much high, well
Was it all from that night
I can’t answer that sincere
Why is letting go so hard?
I can’t seem to let it down
[Slit of a Cloud Sample
This is just the slit of a cloud

[Verse 2
I could find more of me but I always think of you
This shit don’t stop I keep it going like Woodstock
Magnum P.I
Cherry smoke
In love with Lies
Lookin’ through my fisheyes
I could say I think with you…
This a good place to stop but I think I love you!
Lastly I know that you’d wonder about me, too

[Verse 3
Fuck it raw if it’s not you, if it ain’t me then it’s no rules, I’m already golden
See that’s your favorite
Your moment that’s what you hatin’
The gods that out of my head
Wonder if ai can find them they know
If i picked up a book and rolled up my bed;
I don’t even need a mattress…
Come on baby [G] you’ve been
Sayin’ it for a while
I know your Halo forever but what about the violence?
Iong live juice we shared the first names
I’ve been scared for my life
Kept a weapon in my space
Am i really ever safe?
Is it God that let me live or God that wept these tears?
L e t ‘ s. J u s t. N o t. T a l k. A b o u t. I t
Verse 4
Faggot had a gang hit my crib made me live in the streets
This time it’s different corners;
That Yoala clairvoyant
N My neighbors think I’m annoyin
They try to see through my eyes
Tattoos all up on me, like a river it slidez
Told my homie mama’s rest in peace to her son I don't need a father, I'm always gon be sun
But shit I’m not goin
Got my tool and my blow, them my two main hoes
No extras in these photos keep the yay for my bros
Namaste, she still finer than that slowed
And I keep birds with me still I shoutout them crows
Can’t even lie to you, the world needs a savior
When the itch starts to worry you, better get that paper
I’m smokin up these trees and I got a blunt for later
I'm a fuckin' militant when I pick up this paper [aye]

[Verse 5
I'm a dog, and I eat that dog food
I'm a G, I put lighters in my shoes
Come and see my squad got la familia
I plead not guilty til case gets fuckin dropped
Got lotta birds inna crew
Got chickens in the coup
Got shottas that'll shoot
And I stay on DJ Heroin
When you drop it, it coming back like DJ Screw
Ima thesaurus playa dude
Taliban Clan used to smoke the Hotel smooch
Throw on a good show for my boo
Bet that Mike n Saul meets Up with Who?
I put rap together like Shaman Monk Poo
It leaves the water brown, move
They say this shit ain’t for me I do my best
When you snooze
Ideathon until the writer’s block do not got no more room
I love life, thank you

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