Trippie Redd – Die For Me*
Genre Rap

Die For Me*

Lyrics from Snippets


Uh, uh, uh, I got mobility, ooh


Baby, don't you cry to me
Open up your eyes for me
Baby, would you die for me? [Die for me
Yeah [Yeah], uh, ayy [Yeah]


Hold up, I just spent like 80 on a Cuban link, uh [Woah, Cuban link
Bought this shit just to see what you would think, uh
Shove this dick up into her booty deep, uh [Yeah
Hit it from the back, I got mobility, uh
Got some stamina and some agility, uh
Singing to that bitch just like a remedy, uh
She gone slide down my dick like a chimney, uh
Yeah, but she can't handle this
Cause I'll gave her this big dick, dick
Roll with her...

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